About Us

Saandeepani is a privately run society caring for children with special needs. We adhere to the principles of CURATIVE EDUCATION as given by RUDOLF STEINER in Anthroposophy. Steiner’s philosophy is in concordance with our philosophy of Bhagavat Gita.

​Curative Education is aimed at artistically teaching children with development & intellectual disabilities such that the soul-spirit entity can overcome the disability to whatever best extent possible.

Saandeepani comprises mainly of children on Autism Spectrum & those with development disabilities. Children are placed in Kinder Garten or Grade classes depending on their age group. The work in KG mainly relates to working with the 4 lower Senses-Sense of touch, life sense, balance & Movement. Rhythms & Movements are the core for our KG. Formal learning starts in the Grade school with English, Telugu, Math and Form drawing. Lessons are planned with a focus on providing Sensory Integration & Occupational therapy to the children on a daily basis. Teaching is done keping in mind the individual need & capacity of the child. We adhere to the capacity of each child in the class. Socialisation forms an important part of our learning.